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Throw your Fluoride toothpaste in the garbage.

If no one at the place of injection knows how to authenticate what is in the vial ?

Then every injection is suspect to be biochemical warfare agents.

Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet

The human immune system can only react to one virus or bacterial infection at one point in time , any more than one at a time causes the agonists to reduce the immune trigger response in order to stop your immune system from killing you, but in the process of doing that you are susceptible to any further attack.

These are all really bad for you as a metal :




TRUTH TRAIN RADIO   The voice for crippled and murdered babies

                                        from chemical poisoning A.K.A. vaccine injury 

I am Lauren's Voice , she is my sister.

I was there when she was given the shot that crippled and tried to kill her, I was 14 years old and held my sister during a grand mal seizure when she was 6 months old. She has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Autism from the DTP shot from Eli Lilly in 1984, she cannot walk or talk or feed herself, she was born normal. She has seizures every single day since 1984.  

Hep-B and Rubella vaccines are the two major causes of non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Lauren's Story

Fluorine is the most electronegative element on the periodic table, it can change Plutonium, Uranium, Gold, Lead, Silver and most definitely the Serotonin in your Brain.

Sarin Gas has two major active ingredients , Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Fluoride. It kills you on contact not breathing it in, just get it on your skin and your Basal Ganglia shuts down, stopping your heart and lungs.



Aluminum hydroxidecauses vasculitis and thrombocytopenia. It is the liquid substrate of every injection including B12 shots.

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  vaccine injury a"wear"ness

  of poisoning symptoms