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 In order to clean out the injected virus, you'll need to get past the phospholipid Bilayer. TetraSilver Tetroxide can breach the Phospholipid Bilayer as it is nanoparticle size.

Ag2O3 or Ag3O4 have an ionic charge that electrocutes the virus inside the mitochondria.

Reestablishing the GcMAF at the 420 bond on the DNA where it gets and sends the necessary signals for immune response is hyper critical to fixing the problem of contamination.

When the D3, High Density Lipoproteins and Sodium levels are high enough, the immune system has the tools it needs for action. High Density Lipoproteins are the "Taxi" for the D3 to get to the problem area. D3 are the Macrophage that act like the "Pac-Man" or laborer of the immune system. Sodium is the extractor that carries the toxins from the waste created by the Macrophage to the Lymphatic System, it carries the toxins thru the lymphatic system and out thru the Epidermis as sweat.

Reduction of the Nagalase levels in the body are key to enabling the Macrophage, as Nagalase is responsible for regulating the Macrophage levels in order to keep them from destroying needed cells. Too much Nagalase can turn "OFF" the entire immune response. 

No early cord clamping, no washing the enzymes off from the birth canal, no eye ointment, and definitely no vaccination.


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