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Suzanne Humphries, MD

The GcMAF is at the 420 bond on the DNA , it is cleaved off by the Nagalase in our bodies but when the level of Nagalase is synthetically increased then the all the Gc bonds at 420 link are cleaved off.

This in turn causes Autoimmune dysfunction due to the D3 or Macrophage where it does not know where to go to attack any problems. The leukocytes are the white blood cells from the Thymus and they are first sent to the Lymphatic Glands fro adolescent training , after that the stronger leukocytes are done in the lymphnodes then they are sent to the red bone marrow in the bones to learn everything that the MRNA knows about your body , so when called upon , those white cells know how to fix every problem ; aids, cancer, autism, fibro, als, ms, cfs, ebv, gbs, parkinsons, alzhiemers, dementia, acute liver failure, and a total of over 40 ailments can easily be corrected by your own Leukocytes.

there is Nagalase in every Vaccine, but why ?

answer :  to create customers and reduce the population.


Dr. Mary's Monkey

Look at the start of human life in the Mother, the frequency trigger to the mothers brain in order to program  her liver to follow a certain chromosome arrangement  in creating the G proteins that will become baby.

The very first diploid cell when sperm fertilizes egg is the determinate for the chromosome pattern for assembly and operation of the new life.

That is the Somatic cell, its job is to send the right patterns to the mother so she can produce the baby as the blueprint states.

Any interference with the somatic cells delivery to the mothers cerebral cortex of what is needed and the condition of what was already assembled will cause a "misprint" of the assembly according to the blueprint.

During any point of gestation, if the mothers ability to see the blueprint thru her vagus nerve is crippled by a metallic neurotoxin ?

That can and will cause a complete skip of that part of assembly, i.e. babies that are born without ; brains, lungs, kidneys, heart , etc. , have had that particular signal blocked by interference at that exact point of signaling from her brain to her liver thru her vagus nerve.

Mercury and Aluminum are the two major causes of undeveloped organs and limbs on babies, as they both short circuit the vagus nerve signals.